A Church Where Everybody Is Somebody





The primary purpose of the First Baptist Church Men's Ministry is to advance  Christ-centered fellowship and accountability toward God by building  obedience stewardship, discipleship and leadership that will further  fulfill other ministries and stabilize the families of the First Baptist  Church of Sterling. 

The  vision of the First Baptist Church Men's Ministry is to establish a  ministry of excellence that teaches men the principles of the Word of  God and connects them to their identity, purpose and mission as men in  the body of Christ.  The goals of the First Baptist Men's Ministry  include:

  • Provide Spiritual Growth and Development - The Ministry will ensure each man within the First Baptist Church of  Sterling correctly understands his Godly identity and purpose.  We will  provide plans and instructions that challenge the members of the Men's  Ministry how to carry this out based on OBEDIENCE toward the Word of  God.
  • Provide Support - This Ministry will create a safe atmosphere that fosters  encouragement and emotional bonds of trust.  No judgment, no blame.  No  one is perfect.  Time will quickly show that others care dealing with or  overcome similar situations.
  • Develop a Spiritual Readiness - This Ministry should  build up and prepare the men of First Baptist Church of Sterling to  become participants and leaders of other ministries.  Men that are  spiritually prepared to react quickly and serve at all times versus an  unresponsive attitude that shows a man with a conflicting character.
  • Lead Men to Spiritual Maturity - This Ministry should ensure the men of First Baptist Church of  Sterling understand their purpose and are equipped to defend themselves  while utilizing Godly principles.
    Create a Leadership Resource - This Ministry will ensure the men of First Baptist Church of Sterling  become the mold of leadership versus what is presented by the world.   Lifestyle changes should create questions from others and power their  desire to become Christ minded.


The vision of the First Baptist Church of Sterling Women’s Ministry is to collectively work as a team and submit ourselves to Jesus Christ and to one another so that we may help one another grow into mature believers, until we reach unity in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God. Our desire is to strive to become true Virtuous Women of God filled with the Holy Spirit as we serve our family, church and community. Proverbs 31:10-31. The goals of the First Baptist Church of Sterling Women’s Ministry are to:

  • · Provide Spiritual Grown and Development – Make sure that every woman knows her identity and purpose in God. We must also provide lesson plans and instructions on how to carry them out based on OBEDIENCE to the Word of God.
  • · Provide Instruction and Implement Strategic Follow Up – Study God’s Word on a daily basis.
  • · Provide Encouragement – Create an atmosphere of encouragement and emotional bonds of trust. No judgment, no blame.
  • · Develop a Spiritual Readiness – For potential leaders by building them up in the faith.
  • · Lead Women to Spiritual Maturity - By equipping them for service. 
  • · Create a Leadership Resource – For the church by winning women to trust in Jesus Christ alone.
  • · Strengthen the Mission of the Church – By nurturing and encouraging women to become leaders of the church.


The  mission of the Usher Ministry is to serve together to demonstrate God's  commission to us, to prayerfully promote an atmosphere where all those  entering the church will feel welcomed, to meet the needs of the  congregation during service and to keep distractions to a minimum. The Usher Ministry Goals are:

  •  Expand the ministry by establishing an ongoing recruitment program to increase membership and participation.
  • Implement a training program to increase and maintain every usher's performance level and knowledge of all service positions.
  • Attend scheduled monthly meetings and training sessions.
  • Provide assistance to other ministries with church functions.
  • Travel with the Bishop and Co-Pastor
  • Encourage  each Usher to work as a team player and strive to increase their  individual level of commitment and dedication to the Usher Board.


The mission of the Youth Ministry is to equip our youth with Christian principles so that they may be strengthened against the negative impact of society today. They will be encouraged to increase their knowledge of God and develop their own personal relationship. We believe that through the development of a new mind in Jesus, we will enable our youth to bring forth good fruit, be pleasing God in all things, and help them advance toward maturity in Christ Jesus. The goals of the Youth Ministry are to encourage all youth to:

  • Have a personal relationship with God, based on God’s      revelation through Jesus Christ, and the Bible.
  • Learn God’s principles, so they may reflect God’s light      in the world. 
  • Understand God’s redeeming love as revealed in Jesus      Christ, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to respond in faith and love,      so that they may become new persons in Christ. Grow as children of God rooted in the      Christian community of the church, live in obedience to the will of God in      every relationship.
  • Live by Christian principles, being mindful in areas of      speech, love, faith and purity.


To serve as the official voice on behalf of the Pastor and First Baptist Church of Sterling for all church related activities involving the public. The goals of the ministry are:

  • Develop and standardize a set of policies and      procedures to control the flow of information
  • Bridge the relationship between First Baptist Church of      Sterling and the surrounding communities
  • Establish First Baptist Church of Sterling as a global      communications entity and increase the awareness and visibility of First      Baptist Church of Sterling in surrounding communities.


The mission of the New Members Ministry is to provide an inspired and spirit-led study of God's Word so that the body of Christ is prepared to actively serve and support the ministry of First Baptist Church of Sterling.